Christi Becker - Stained Glass and Etching Artist
Christi Becker 320-292-7978
Stained Glass Design, Painting and Granite Diamond Etching

Art is my passion and my purpose.  My motive in doing art is to make others happy and what goes around, comes around.

First Place Win, SGAA Raleigh Conference 2017

I majored in Industrial Design in college.  Through making product prototypes and my extensive background in this area I am able to understand the capabilities of limitless imagination in designing.  I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MCAD, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  I value the education I received there because it was the process of getting to the project core that became the focus and that in return made the end product so much better. 

I have since worked in several industries doing:  stained glass painting and design, bas relief carving in wax for bronze casting and diamond etching on granite. 

My focus is now in two areas, stained glass painting for hire by stained glass studios, and hand diamond etching on monuments, 12”x12” tiles, benches or fireplace mantels for granite dealers and monument companies.  Details of work speculations will determine my time line and requirements.

I am a member of the Stained Glass Association of America, SGAA, and an Independent Contractor in the painting and designing of stained glass windows, whether it be for a residence, church, commercial buildings or mausoleums, I have designed them.  I enjoy custom designing each window to fit each client’s requests and concerns and work vigorously to choose the right colors and tones to fit the mood, space and lighting for the window.  I will also do restoration painting work.  My services are open to Stained Glass or Art Glass Studios, Architectural Firms, Private Estates and Granite Dealerships or Construction entity related to installation in commercial or residential areas.

My hand diamond etching skills as well as glass painting figure work consist of detailed photo realism in every design and my work in both areas extends nationally across the United States.  I will either custom design a scene or etch from photographs.  Each hand etching is of great importance to me in doing the most beautiful etching possible.

Kokomo Competition Window On Light Table

First Place winner of the SGAA (Stained Glass Association of America) Kokomo Glass competition, "A Conversation in Glass" at the Raleigh, NC 2017 Conference.  I had to integrate five different types of glass and colors into my window design and focused on the theme set, A Conversation in Glass.  The window title is:  When I know Your Soul, I Will Paint Your Eyes. (Stained Glass donated by Terhaar Stained Glass Studio.)

Christi's work will be on display at the Perpich Gallery (6125 Olson Memorial Hwy, Golden Valley, MN 44422) from November 4th though the 29th.